Upim Franchise

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The Upim franchise formula in brief

Brand: Upim
Business: retail of men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing and underwear, housewares and personal care items
References: Italy: Property Development Management: tel. 041/2398202 - fax 041/2398517 - Export: Sales Management, tel.041/2397867
E mail: to send an email, you can use the form provided
Address: Via Terraglio, 17 - 30174 Mestre (Venice)

Sales point characteristics

Markets: > 15,000 inhabitants
Optimum location: Town or city centres / Districts with high population density / Shopping centres
Minimum sales point surface area: 400 sq m
Initial investment: 350 euro per sq m (excluding VAT)
Sales staff: according to sales area and business traffic

Contract conditions

Duration of contract: 5 years
Area exclusive: according to the customer base and location
IT infrastructure (Hw/Sw): connection to central Gruppo Coin system required.
Initial franchise fee: none
Royalties on turnover: not envisaged
Advertising: national (arranged by Upim)
Guarantees: Bank surety
Payments: Payment facilities for first structure

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